How we work with you
How we work with you
We keep it clear, simple and transparent.

1. Initial consultation

It all starts with a conversation. This is the chance for us to focus minds and understand what it is you need. We work with you to oversee a full brand audit, discovering which areas of your brand are working and which areas require attention. This early dialogue is crucial to building a working relationship that ensures we know where you want to take your brand.

2. Creative review

With this information gathered we now put together a package of creative options required to achieve your goals. These will cover the areas of attention discovered in the brand audit.

3. Quote

Now we have agreed what brand services you need, we can give you a comprehensive costing, broken down for each service you require. Once we have the project costs agreed we will write this into a contract of engagement.

4. Creative development

With budgets agreed and contracts signed, we examine the scope of work in more detail, build a schedule and put together a bespoke team for each of your creative requirements. Once this is in place and agreed by all parties, we start the creative process.

5. Client review

We like to involve you as much as possible at each stage of the creative, this ensures that we are hitting the brief to your satisfaction but also allows you to input your ideas at relevant stages of development. We want to create something brilliant and make sure that you are happy, so building in a series of comprehensive amend rounds is crucial.

6. On-going support

We never just leave you a with finished piece of creative. Our aim is to have happy clients who come back to us again, that's why we offer on-going support and consultation. Whether you want some tweaks to the existing project or need something new, we are happy to be the guardians of your brand in an on-going consultancy capacity. Our aim is to make your brand fluid, relevant and something that continues to resonate with your audience.
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